Road Transport

and international transport
We offer international transport throughout the European Union, including the Balkans, Switzerland and Great Britain. We have the appropriate experience, qualifications and tools to seamlessly navigate these countries. Our forwarders control the location of our vehicles on an ongoing basis using a highly advanced ICT system. Providing services within the framework of international and domestic transport, we organize the transport of ADR cargo (excluding class 1.7) - both in Poland and in European countries. Due to the fact that these are dangerous goods, transport is allowed only under strictly defined legal conditions. Our vehicles, which transport dangerous goods, are appropriately marked according to ADR convention. The driver of the vehicle has the appropriate equipment, as well as certified training in this field.
The highest priority of Omega Transport is the safety of our customers' goods. Refrigerated transport is the basic and the most important element in international trade. Without it, the exchange of goods sensitive to storage conditions would be impossible. We know that products transported in cold stores must reach the recipient quickly. We take care of the details that are important to you, and not everyone notices them. We optimize and monitor transport routes to pick up the goods on schedule and deliver them to the agreed place. All this to save your time. We systematically modernize our fleet so that it meets the highest standards of product transport. We have to our disposal new vehicles which reduce the emission of pollutants, because we care not only about quality and safety, but also about the environment.
Transport of high value goods
We have appropriate transport insurance, which plays a significant role in the conducting of transport activities. They include, among others carrier's liability insurance (OCP) and cargo insurance in transport, i.e. CARGO.
Logistics services
Our warehouse is a place that has been separated and then prepared for storage. The effectiveness of individual operations in the entire process: collection, storage, preparation and then release, guarantees the safety of the goods entrusted to us. We also reload your cargo in the warehouse and arrange distribution across the country.
System of swap trailers and shunting
We offer the implementation and execution of transports with the system of swap trailers. Thanks to this system, the customer has faster rotation of goods in his warehouse and gains additional warehouse space.
Oversized transport
Omega Transport has a category II permit for oversize transport. This transport is characterized by the transport of loads that exceed the standards of road law in terms of dimensions. Such transport requires a number of formalities and appropriate permits, because these are non-standard loads that cannot be transported without special preparation. Check the offer for oversized transport.
Container transport with own fleet
Do you import goods or maybe you sell large amounts of products abroad? A container will come in handy, and sometimes even a few. We will pick them up from the indicated place and transport them for you to the designated point. We have the right equipment, specialized staff and modern technology for this task. The TRANSICS system monitors the location of the shipment and helps to optimize routes. Thanks to this, our drivers are on time.
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