Oversized transport

The sizes of oversized cargo are very diverse, the only limitation is the route. At Omega Transport, we transport loads with dimensions slightly exceeding the standards for road transport: total length of the vehicle set up to 23 m, width up to 3.2 m, height up to 4.3 m.Steel plates and trusses;

The products that we transport include:
  • Tanks
  • Steel structures
  • Industrial machinery
  • Small size machines
Oversized transport in OMEGA Transport
Our company has all the necessary permits to carry out oversize transports.

Use the Omega Transport services - you will find out that we are the best transport company on the market! As a transport company with many years of experience, we not only provide services, but also share our knowledge in the field of transport.

We also encourage you to check our offer at:
  • Domestic and international transport
  • Transport of high value goods
  • Logistic services
  • System of swap trailers and shunting.
We accept all orders by e-mail and by phone - please contact us!
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