OMEGA Transport have most modern and ecological friendly fleet. Our average age of trucks are 2 years. We are using mainly VOLVO trucks, but you can see us even in SCANIA and DAF.

We have following units:

- Tractor units
- Solo trucks with elevator (7.8 t of loading weight)
- Vans with 1.8 loading weight
- MEGA trailers with VARIOS system
- MEGA trailers with elevators
- Double decker trailers


All vehicles have an online monitoring system, we work with the TRANSICS system. At the client's request, we provide the location of vehicles on-line.

Omega Transport Sp. z o.o.
ul. Armii Krajowej 75/12
42-360 Poraj

Telefon: +48 34 31 45 420
Telefon: +48 34 32 83 281


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